Harder HSC Maths byJohn Kinny-Lewis. Harder HSC Maths

Harder HSC Maths website offers three books for HSC students in the Extension 2, Extension 1 and Mathematics courses. All books provide: example questions for each topic; graded questions for each topic; fully worked solutions for each question.Harder HSC Maths
SKL Blues, Simon Kinny-Lewis.  SKL Blues

Simon Kinny-Lewis - one of the most exciting and diverse guitarist/singers on the scene today was born February 18, 1981 in Sydney,
Australia. He started on the instrument early, making his first live appearances at 11. Influences include blues/jazz masters such as Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Chris Cain, Ray Beadle, and Country and Rock great's Doug Seven, Brent Mason, Richie Kotzen.


Ink and watercolour illustrations by Krista Brennan.  Woven Lines

Woven Lines combines traditional forms of illustrating with whimsical, original story concepts. Each image is an insight into a private world, which you are invited to explore.


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Helen will approach your  project in a personal way to ensure that the design  will be original, eye-catching and most importantly effective to your needs.